There are currently over 75 different cards that are collectible. Cards can be found in card packs, treasure chests or keys. There is also a chance that cards may be dropped as loot from killing naturally spawned mobs. Lastly, cards may also be traded with other players. As cards are found, they can be redeemed for a reward once the entire category is complete.

Use /cards in-game to open the card menu for in-game information.


Cards may be stored inside the player's personal chest or stored in our virtual deck system. Players have an unlimited amount of decks in order to store their cards, allowing them to organize their cards accordingly. To access your deck, type /deck . For example, /deck 1 will always open your first deck, /deck 2 will open your second deck and so on. It may be suggested to not use too many decks as players may lose track of where their cards are. 

When cards are placed inside decks, you may see the cards you have in each category using /cards list. Cards in personal containers or in your inventory will not be counted or considered

Categories & Rewards

Every card belongs to a certain category. Categories range from commonly found cards to super rare cards. There may also be special categories available throughout the year, known as seasonal categories. 

Current year-long categories:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very Rare
  • Legendary
  • More categories may be available as the year goes on.

Once all cards are collected in a certain category, it may be redeemed for a reward. In order to redeem the cards for a reward, they must be stored inside a deck and the following command must be entered; /cards reward. For example, if you have completed the "Rare" category and would like to redeem it, place all of your rare cards in a deck and then type /cards reward Rare

Card Packs

Card packs are packs of cards that offer a variety of random cards. These can be found in keys, treasure chests or purchased in-game or with real currency.

Current Packs:

  • Starter Pack: 7 Common cards + 2 Guaranteed Uncommon cards
  • Pro Pack: 5 Common cards, 3 Uncommon cards + 1 Guaranteed Rare card
  • Ultimate Pack: 6 Uncommon cards, 2 Rare cards + 1 Guaranteed Very Rare card
  • Legendary Pack: 5 Rare Cards, 3 Very Rare cards + 1 Guaranteed Legendary card


For a list of cards, please see our PDF list: