Arcane Forging allow players a chance to keep enchantments on items after repairing them with an iron block. The success rate of arcane forging is dependent on the player's repair skill. A higher skill level will increase your chances of keeping enchantments and decrease your chances of the enchantments decreasing.

Rank Repair Level Keep Chance (%) Downgrade Chance (%)
1 100 5 75
2 200 10 65
3 350 25 50
4 500 35 40
5 750 50 30
6 1000 75 20
7 1250 90 10
8 1500 100 0

Keep Chance: The chance (in %) that the enchantments will be kept when repairing the item. Anything less than 100% risks losing a random enchantment from the item.

Downgrade Chance: The chance (in %) that the enchantments on the tool will decrease in levels

Example: If you have a repair level of 1136, your repair rank will be 6. When repairing an item, there is a 75% chance of your enchantments being kept (and therefore 25% chance of it being removed). This percentage is applied to each enchantment on the item individually. In addition, there is a 20% chance that any of the enchantments may decrease in a level (such as Efficiency 5 may turn into Efficiency 4).

In order for a player to keep all of their enchantments without any risks, they must have at least 1500 levels in repair.